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All in One Solution for Basketball.
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We instantly generate advanced stats and shot charts, so team can make informed in-game adjustments at professional level.

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Team management

Review your practices and games like professional do. with our convenient online basketball team management tools and integration, you will champion effective management for your basketball team.

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Live Game Stream

A live game stream of plays and stats in inherently delivered to fans following from the hoopick website or their mobile devices. After the game, over 4000 stats, spray chart and game recap stories are available online.


Easy and Intuitive.
Just track the player who has the ball.

‘1-person recording & operating Basketball game’
Everybody in every court can use Basketball stat like Pro

Hoopick can collect and manage a massive pool of information, making an impact in a market (amateur sports) that is inherently decentralized.

During the game, a single person records the action on the Hoopick app - tracking the player who has the ball and tapping the court on the screen to score every play.

A live game stream of plays of plays and stats is instantly delivered to fans following from the Hoopick website or their mobile devices After the game, stats, spray charts and game recap are available online.


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